Privacy Policy

Ai Travel Desk privacy policy confirms our constant commitment to your privacy. The following information is collected to inform you of the importance of collecting data during your visit and our intentions regarding this information. This privacy policy applies only to the information collected at Ai Travel desk and does not apply otherwise. Please be sure to read our privacy policy and terms of use before browsing the site and purchasing our services.

Client(s) Data Protection :

Ai Travel desk is always dedicated to protecting your privacy, and this privacy policy states why your information is collected, the information we seek, what we do with it, and explains where it is shared. This data protection policy is subject to timely updates to the General Data Protection Regulation Laws. Ai Travel desk encourages our valued customers to review this privacy policy every time they request a service or visit this website.

Why is data collected ?

Ai Travel Desk collects your personal data only if you provide it directly to us for your request. For example, if you subscribe to our weekly newsletter, you will be asked for your name, email address, address, mailing address, and so on. We may also use this information to compile statistics and marketing strategies. When you purchase on our site, we only ask for the important information needed to complete the transaction process. It would also appear in the claim, demand, or pre-specified request(s). When booking with Ai Travel Desk, you are invited to subscribe to our newsletter, which provides information on the latest news, offers, and new trends. However, you can unregister at any time and you will not receive useful updates. If you are unable to complete your booking but provide your personal email ID, then Ai Travel Desk would be able to establish personal contact with you to help you identify issues related to your trip. This is the way we personally care for our valued customers, and if you are still interested in booking with us, we will work harder to improve the user experience.


Our main goal to handle very accurately is to treat each case with the same importance and care. You can also relax because your information is not shared with third-party websites, other customized advertisements on our website, or even social media platforms.

What kind of information will you be asked to provide ? 

When you navigate our website or other partner websites affiliated with us and decide to make a booking, you must provide the information necessary to complete the transaction. This information includes personal information such as name, address, phone number, and email ID. We may also need to collect your date of birth and (in some cases) passport details to meet the advance passenger information (API) Criteria for some itineraries.

We collect your payment-related information, including credit and debit card information, so that we can make the payments required to provide the service. These transactions are thoroughly processed by anti-fraud checks and removed from the server as soon as they are completed. We also collect information via cookies when our valuable customers use our website to provide a better experience. Cookies have a reputation for personally identifying users, but in most cases, information cannot be used to identify an individual.

Action(s)/ What will be done with your personal information ? 

We need your personal data to carry out the actual transactions needed to complete your purchase. The reasons for collecting personal information are as follows;


To provide the service you paid for; Sending invoices, attachments, and other important statements.

Collect our payments from you.

Create a communiqué for booking.

Respond to all inquiries/complaints.

Improving the surfing experience through personalization and communication.

Making it more relevant through targeting and segmentation.

Develop ways to better understand our customers.

Display ads related to customer interests

Provide feedback to determine how our service is valued.

Maintaining & keeping our services and all platforms from any form of scam/fraud.

Our agents may ask for your personal information and details so that we can respond/entertain your inquiries by phone or email. This is only to improve your experience and resolve any issues you may encounter when booking on our websites, applications, or other related websites.

Email address :

Ai Travel Desk may collect your email address for various reasons. For example, if you give us your email address to enable the email alert service and to send you emails periodically, we may send your email information to our associates and other sections of the company that we think are best to address your query or to provide you with relevant assistance/information/help.


Do not worry! We will not use your email address or any such personal information for any other means. For any query regarding the change of your email address or email alert(s), email us at


We persistently provide you with updates and information about our services and offers. However, all of this personal information is securely stored on our servers. Your email ID will never be shared with third-party websites, businesses, or individuals. You can also unsubscribe from these emails at any time by simply clicking the email unsubscribe link.


Please note that you will continue to receive phone calls, emails, or perhaps, text messages regarding reservations and other services you have purchased.

Where your personal information will be shared?

Once you have reserved/booked with us, we must pass this information to the airline, accommodation, or any other supplier involved in servicing you. This information includes name, date of birth, passport information, nationality (for advance passenger information), contact details, and other information required by local law. We may also share sensitive data with our suppliers, such as Your medical information, special requirements, etc. But only for your convenience, all shared information is relevant and mandatory only to complete the booking.


Ai Travel Desk may also disclose your personal information to certain government agencies or organizations, such as customs, airport security, police, immigrants, and other legal authorities if required by law.


We use third-party services on our behalf for easy monitoring of scams/fraud. These third-party fraud prevention service providers may have restricted access to your personal data and information to complete fraud scans. However, it is filled in for your safety and convenience. Your personal information is always safe from third-party websites, organizations, and individuals who may sell it or use it for their own purposes. We guarantee that your trust in us will always be ensured.

Personal data/information security :

If you submit your personal information, it means that you agree, that we will collect that information. Don’t worry; we will not use your personal data for any other purpose without your consent.


We use the personal information you give us only to answer your inquiries or as stated in other sections of our privacy policy. If you do not wish to share your personal information, please do not provide it. All the information we ask you to provide is securely stored on the server(s). Their sole purpose is to help us find the best solution to your problem and the booking you want. Your information will also be backed on our secondary servers as a backup. We take your personal data very seriously and take every possible step to prevent any kind of loss, theft, misuse, or tampering.


All electronic transactions executed or received are protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology. However, you should be aware that all data transmissions over the internet are not completely secure and Ai Travel Desk does not guarantee or take responsibility for the security of the data transmitted over the internet.


If you are planning a trip outside the EEA (European Economic Area), privacy management may not be as important as it is here. However, if you do not provide the required information, your booking may be incomplete and you will not be able to fly to your final destination. Our customer representatives and support teams in these non-UK and EEA locations will only access your data if you need to connect your bookings through secure systems and servers. Also, Ai Travel Desk website may contain links to other websites. When you leave our platform, we have no control over your privacy and security. Therefore, you should first be familiar with these websites and their privacy policy.

What data rights do you have ?

General Regulations (European Union) 2016/679, of 27th April 2016 on Data Protection states that user data rights should always be observed in any case. Following are the GDPR rights that will be given to you by us.


Right of access: You have every right to settle that your private data is being processed, and you can always obtain a copy of the complete information of processing.

  • Right to rectification: You have all the right to make amends, and clear all the errors in your personal data that I kept with us. If the information is inaccurate, we have to make sure that the correct information is processed.
  • Right to erasure: You have all the right to overturn your personal data without any delay from our side in the case of illegal or short processing. You can also press this right if the purpose of the collection has gone missing.
  • Right to restriction: You have all the right to ask for suspending any process if that is illegal or derisory.
  • Right to object: You have all the right to object to any process related with personal data processing, if it is directly marketing to your personal state of affairs unless we can establish entrancing appropriate grounds to continue or procession, or the processing is vital to use or justify lawful claims.

Right not to be subject to the automated individual decision: You have right not to be subject to any automated decision which is a resultant of the computerized individual decision. This may include profiling if legal effect(s) are regarding you, or affects you, unless permitted by law or explicitly stated in this document. Data portability rights do not apply to this business area due to the nature of our services and the purpose of collecting your personal data. If you wish to exercise your rights, you can always send an email to

Cookies on Ai Travel Desk  :

Ai Travel Desk Uses cookies to recognize you from other users based on your interests. Our website works effectively because enabling cookies helps us to better display relevant interests. They do not harm your computer system and consume less RAM or ROM. However, we respect your privacy concerns and can remove or block them from our cookie policy at any time.


Please allow our website to identify you when you visit the website. Track your connection to our website. Use Google Analytics to analyse data from and analyse website usage. Google Analytics collects statistics about your website via cookies, stored on your computer. The information generated in connection with our website is used to produce reports on your use of the website. Google stores this information. You can view Google’s privacy policy.

Information access and change(s) :

You can always modify the information we are holding on our behalf of you. You just need to email us at about the information you want to be corrected, and we are going to update it. You can also email us at if you want us to forget you as a customer, or a user. In this case, we are bound to delete your private information. In order to find out later if we are holding on to any information about you, and the purpose of its withholding, you can email us at


For alternatives, please contact us at at any time.


The above data requests will not be processed by any means of communication.

Log(s)  :

All logs and actions are recorded on the server for management system purposes. For example, tracking activity on a website. For development reasons, find out where people visit most often and the usefulness of the campaign. This tracking activity collects page and PC IP addresses when you visit our website. We will not share your personal information with third parties. We use your personal data only to find bugs and errors.

Submit a complaint or ask a question  :

If you have any questions about our privacy policy or data collection, please email us at at any time.

How long to retain user data ?

Your data will be retained for as long as required by law to retain basic user personal data (name, address, contact details) under UK tax law and then destroyed. User information we use for marketing purposes will be retained by us until you notify us that you do not wish to receive that information.