Pakistan & Bangladesh and Egypt Posting Suspended. Please be advised that Sharjah immigration posting to these nationalities is temporarily closed.

In recent developments, it has come to light that the Sharjah immigration posting for nationals of Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Egypt has been temporarily suspended. This announcement has stirred concerns among travelers and communities alike. Let's delve deeper into the...

Embark on a Spiritual Journey with Umrah

Discovering Umrah Packages 2024: Your Pathway to Spiritual Fulfillment In our bustling world, amidst the chaos of daily life, there exists a profound longing for spiritual fulfillment. For those who seek solace and divine connection, the journey of Umrah beckons—a...

Umrah Packages 2024 by Ai Travel Desk

Dear Pilgrims, A Call to the Soul: Umrah 2024 Approaches Deep within every believer's heart resides an unspoken longing for spiritual fulfillment, a profound yearning to draw closer to the divine. As Umrah 2024 approaches, Ai Travel Desk feels truly honored to stand...

Pakistan Election Results Live 2024

Pakistan Election Results Live 2024IND (Presenting PTI) 100 Seats PMLN 73 SeatsPPP 54 SeatsMQM-P 17 Seats